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SGA Hosts Its 2nd Annual Academic Majors Fair

2nd Annual Academic Majors Fair

2nd Annual Academic Majors Fair

SGA Hosts Its 2nd Annual Academic Majors Fair

Athens, Ga. – All students are invited to attend the 2nd Annual Academic Majors Fair on Thursday September 12, 2013. The event, hosted by the Student Government Association, will take place from 10 AM – 2 PM in Tate Plaza and the North Lawn. Department heads, professors, and elected representatives from all departments have been invited to reserve a table at the event.

The overall goal of the Academic Majors Fair is to provide students with an outlet to discover more information about potential majors and speak first hand with faculty members dedicated to their field of interest. The Academic Majors Fair, however, is not only for the undecided. The faculty and staff managing the tables will provide information on opportunities to become more involved within a specific college or major.

In addition to students, members of The Career Center, academic major advisors, and student college ambassadors are welcome to join the festivities.

Last February, SGA successfully launched its first Academic Major Fair. Since then, several improvements have been made following last year’s participant feedback. The event now takes place once in the fall instead of the spring. In addition, participants will now be provided with a boxed lunch, water, and snacks throughout the afternoon.

Sarah Hughes, who coordinated the Majors Fair last year and is currently serving as a Senator for Service Organizations, comments on some of these changes, “This year, I am really excited about the location moving outside to Tate plaza and the surrounding area. I think having the event in such a central venue will allow more students to take advantage of the fair.”

SGA has also been using social media and other media outlets to raise event awareness and better engage students.

The event does constitute as a Blue Card Event and students in The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences have the opportunity to have their attendance count towards early registration.

For those who are interested in participating in the event, the registration deadline to reserve a table is this Friday, September 6th at 5PM. Those already registered can arrives as early as 9:30 AM on the day of the event to check in and begin assembling tables. Check-in on the 12th will be located at the Tate Plaza Stage.

Hughes states, “I am really proud of the hard work that Lesley Rios and her team have put into planning the Majors Fair. She has really stepped up to the plate to get everything done and improve upon what we tried last year. I think it’s going to be a wonderful event.”

For further questions, please email Lesley Rios, one of the event coordinators, at

Writer: Alexsis Skeen, 770/712-0859,

Contact: Lesley Rios, 770/823-3181,


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