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SGA welcomes 118 first-year students to three Freshman Programs

The Student Government Association could not be more excited to welcome 118 new members to the Freshman Programs family! This year we received a record 350 applicants, compared to the 277 applications we received last year.

SGA had their first Freshman Programs meeting on September 16th and we are looking forward to all of the great things we have in store for the rest of the year.

Director of Freshman programs, Kendall Miller is looking forward to having the opportunity to watch a group of freshmen develop into wonderful, inspiring leaders and become a family at the same time.

Freshman Board is excited to have its 15 members become crucial members of Senate by encouraging them to draft legislation. Freshman Focus’ 30 members will be serving on freshman committees with delegates reporting to committee heads about progress. Freshman Forum is eager to explore new potential service projects and how to make them a reality.

We are excited for the year and look forward to meeting all of our new members!

Freshman Programs


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