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Open Forum: Alternatives to HOPE’s Proposed Freshmen Reimbursement Plan and Senate Innovation

Enduring Hope

Last night at Senate’s Open Forum, SGA welcomed Sarah Beck and Tyler Clayton.

Clayton, a current member of Freshman Forum, discussed a possible alternative to the proposed freshman year reimbursement plan for HOPE. With the plan, freshmen could not receive any HOPE funding during their first year. Instead, the plan encourages freshmen to “prove themselves” during their first year and be reimbursed later for their academic achievements. In an effort to save money, Georgia legislatures believe this is a viable proposal.

In response to the plan, Clayton suggests the State of Georgia should have freshmen sign a legal contract committing to pay back HOPE scholarship funds if they fail to fulfill academic requirements during their first year. This way, freshmen would still earn the scholarship funds their first year and the state will be reimbursed if students do not meet requirements.

Beck, former Senator and Director of External Affairs, spoke on reducing redundancy in legislation by encouraging Senators to research previous bills which have passed. Through this, Beck hopes Senators can best utilize the time spent in Senate by bringing innovative ideas to the floor and passing new and creative legislation.

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