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Students Called to Defend The Okefenokee Oar

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October 28, 2013 Athens, Ga. – As students anxiously await the coveted Georgia-Florida game this weekend, the sacred Okefenokee Oar will be stationed around campus to incite fans as The Georgia Bulldogs head to Jacksonville to take on The Florida Gators.

After Friday, the Oar will travel to Jacksonville for the game and will remain with the victor until next year’s meeting in the fall. With both teams having an overall record of 4-3, this year’s game is expected to be especially exciting.

The Oar is not only a trophy, but a symbol of a deep SEC rivalry that has existed for nearly a century. Beginning in 1915, Georgia and Florida have met 90 times, 41 of those meetings have resulted in a “W” for Georgia.

The name Okefenokee Oar stretches far beyond the competition amongst universities.  Originally, the debate about ownership of the Okefenokee Swamp region created tension between Georgia and Florida. Since then, the trophy is not only symbolic of school competition, but of state competition as well.

This week, UGA students are called to defend The Oar through their social media presence. Students are asked to post pictures taken with the oar around campus and tag the Twitter account @OkefenokeeOar  and Facebook account that are shared with The University of Florida. In addition, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook users are encouraged to use #DefendTheOar and #WarForTheOar in their social media posts to help bring The Oar home to Athens.

You can view pictures of the Okenfenokee Oar around UGA campus in Fall 2012 here.

War for the Oar Detail

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