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November University Council meeting a victory for students

Student representatives from the Student Government Association on Wednesday, Nov. 20 met with faculty at the University Council meeting to discuss concerns and student opinion, focusing on the current summer drop-add policy, recent hate speech on campus and several proposals from the Curriculum Committee to diversify our majors offered.

University Council is the faculty decision-making body that passes legislation in regards to curriculum, University of Georgia policy and administrative needs. A subset of Student Government Association senators serves on this Council as the student voice.

The most contentious portion of Wednesday’s meeting involved a change in current drop-add policy. As it was proposed, the summer thru session would be extended by an additional day of drop-add, while the Maymester drop-add period would be reduced to one day instead of two. The purpose of this change was to reflect logical consistency in the amount of drop-add days proportionate to the total number of classes in a given semester.

Senators mentioned during the UC meeting several negative impacts of Maymester drop-add period reduction. The time constraint would place unnecessary pressure on students to speak to their advisors and research classes, all before midnight of the first day of class. Andrew Roberts, the Terry College of Business senator argued that this policy would also increase the amount of “WP” grades being given.

Professor Janet Frick pointed out the concern of students falling behind the equivalent of “two weeks’ worth of work.” Stressed throughout the debate was the concept of student responsibility. Students should accept any burden and disadvantage placed by entering a class later than the first day. Additionally, a suggestion to include a “disclaimer” of disadvantages on a professor’s syllabus was made.

After debate, a faculty member proposed an amendment to the resolution restoring the Maymester drop-add period to two days, which passed overwhelmingly. After this amendment, the full resolution, including extension of the summer thru session drop-add period, passed.

Other topics covered in the most recent University Council meeting included an emphasis on measures taken against recent hate speech on campus and several proposals from the Curriculum Committee to diversify our majors offered. To see the full agenda from the November meeting, visit You can view minutes from the meeting here.

Writer: Hadley Dreibelbis, Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communications Senator (


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