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2014 SGA Elections Candidates

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SGA Elections 2014: Be Heard, Speak Out

Wednesday, March 26th, marks the start of the 2014 SGA Elections Season! A period of “Passive Campaigning” will last from March 26th – 30th in which polls are closed. Polls open Monday, March 31st, marking the start of “Active Campaigning”, and will remain through April 2nd.

Election results will be announcements Thursday, April 3rd at noon at the flagpole outside Tate II near Tate Honor Circle.  Additional information on the elections process can be found here.

Best of luck to all 43 candidates who are running.  Here is a summary of the individuals running for both the Executive and Legislative offices.

Executive Tickets:

  1. Bridge UGA

  1. Drew-Jim-Brittany

Legislative Senate Seats:

Name Represented, Email, Ticket Affiliation/Party*

*if there is no ticket listed, the candidate is running individually 

College of Environment and Design

College of Family and Consumer Science

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications

School of Law

Odum School of Ecology

College of Public Health

School of Public and International Affairs

Terry College of Business

Franklin College of Arts & Sciences

Graduate Student Association

Graduate students will be voting for a GSA President and Vice President on the same ballot as the SGA elections. Please click here to view information about the GSA elections and candidates.


  • Gregg Rich
  • Marshall Mosher
  • Peyton Bell

Vice President

  • Lauren Mullenbach

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Contact: Shreyas Vangala (


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