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2014 Student Government Elections Results

SGA Elections Flyer jpgWe are excited to announce the winners of the 2014 Student Government Association Elections.

With 63.46% of the vote, Drew Jacoby, Jim Thompson and Brittany Arnold have been elected President, Vice-President, and Treasurer.  A total of 2,299 votes were cast for the President/Vice President/Treasurer ticket election.

The following students have been elected as Senators for the following colleges:

Franklin College of Arts & Sciences

  • Greg Sullivan, Ashley Casey, Kip O’Kelly, Nate Buda, Tifara Brown, Elizabeth Carter, Jack Owen, Austin Edquist, Jake Carnes, Samantha Cleare, Morgan Beavers, Thomas Sumner, Robina Gallagher, Sam Street, Ansur Ahmed and Jeremy Gibson

Terry College of Business

  • Will Heaton, Elizabeth Harrell, Johnelle Simpson

College of Ecology

  • Alison McWhorter Anderson

College of Environment and Design

  • Chloe Weigle

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Virginia Walker

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications

  • Shiv Patel

College of Law

  • Erin Deitrich

College of Public Health

  • Abbey Meller

School of Public and International Affairs

  • Madison Turner, Andrew Roberts

A full copy of the elections results, including the number of votes cast for each candidate and University Council representatives can be found here

Graduate Student Association (GSA)

The GSA results will be announced at their meeting tonight in Tate Student Center 137 at 7:30pm.  There will be a run-off election next Monday and Tuesday for the top 2 GSA Presidential Candidates (who will be announced tonight).  The GSA Vice President has been elected and will be announced tonight.  If you have any questions about the GSA elections, please contact Krunal Shah (

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Contact: Donovan Nichols (



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