UGA Student Government Association

The organized voice for every student at the University of Georgia.

Executive Branch

From right to left, President Austin Laufersweiler, Vice President Uzma Chowdhury, Treasurer Mary Grace Griffin

President Austin Laufersweiler (right), Vice President Uzma Chowdhury (center), Treasurer Mary Grace Griffin (left)

Meet the Officers

The Executive Branch covers the administration aspect of SGA. It is composed of the Cabinet, Committees and the Freshman Programs.

The Cabinet acts as the authority of the Executive Staff and is made up of the Chief of Staff, Executive Secretary, Attorney General, Freshman Programs Presidents, Athletic Board Representative, and Directors of Academic Affairs, Athletics, Campus Life, Communications, Diversity, Environmental Affairs, External Affairs, Outreach, Special Events, and Technology, Tradition and Spirit. Cabinet coordinates and implements Executive initiatives among the general student community through the work on their various committees.

Freshman Programs are comprised of three unique organizations: Freshman Board, Freshman Focus, and Freshman Forum. These programs serve as a means to provide leadership experiences to first-year students at UGA. For more information on these programs, please visit our Freshman Programs page.

Executive Leadership

The President serves as the head of the executive branch. This individual works to represent UGA’s student body and enhance the student experience through leading the organization, policy creation, and meeting with campus administrators. Duties include, but not limited to: serving on University-wide committees, making appointments to such committees, and serving on the Board of Regents Student Advisory Council.

The Vice President serves as the presiding officer of Senate. In addition to these Senate duties, the Vice President also assists the other executive branch officers in fulfilling organizational goals and representing the student body.

The Treasurer serves as the presiding officer of the Small Clubs Allocation committee and chairs the Student Activity Fee Allocation committee, as approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs. In this capacity, the Treasurer also oversees the SGA budget.

The Chief of Staff serves as the senior advisor to the President, Vice President, and Treasurer. In this role, the Chief of Staff assists the Executive officers in crafting policy and implementing initiatives. The Chief of Staff also leads the Cabinet and manages committee directors.

The Executive Secretary serves as another advisor to the Executive officers. In this role, the Executive Secretary assists with coordinating logistics for the President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Tasks include, but are not limited to, making reservations and executive agendas, and compiling data and necessary materials for meetings.

2013 – 2014 SGA Executive Branch Contact List 

Austin Laufersweiler
Uzma Chowdhury
Vice President
Mary Grace Griffin 
Alex Moosariparambil
Chief of Staff
Jim Thompson
Executive Secretary
Shreyas Vangala
Attorney General
Narke Norton
Chief Justice
Jason Howard
Director of Finance
Tripp Calloway
Director of External Relations
Alex Ballasiotes
Director of Legislative Affairs
Alex Reinecke
Patrick Klibanoff
Director of Communications
Adam Lessner
Communications Board Member
Kevin Schatell
Communications Board Member
Alexsis Skeen
Communications Board Member
Leila Choucair
Communications Board Member
Leighton Rowell
Communications Board Member
Greyson Clark
Director of Policy
Patrick Wheat
Policy Board Member
Mariana Satterly
Policy Board Member
Cody Knapp
Policy Board Member
Dory Ille
Policy Board Member
Tyler Faby
Policy Board Member
Ellen Gagnet
Director of Student Services
Kristyn Stanback
Student Services Board Member
Rachel Surminksy
Student Services Board Member
Richie Steinberg
Student Services Board Member
Sara Beth Cockerham
Student Services Board Member
Anise Crane
Student Services Board Member
John Kimball
Student Services Board Member
Lesley Rios
Director of Programming
Betsy Holman
Programming Board Member
Katelynn Porto
Programming Board Member
Urvashi Pandya
Programming Board Member
Signe Hanson
Programming Board Member
Taylor Walden
Programming Board Member
Kendal Miller
Director of Freshman Programs
Hillary Thornton
Freshman Forum Advisor
Noemie Tshinanga
Freshman Forum Advisor
Austin Blouin
Freshman Forum Advisor
Caroline Caldwell
Freshman Focus Advisor
Maggie Smith
Freshman Focus Advisor
Danny Ungaro
Freshman Focus Advisor
Mindy Johnson
Freshman Board Advisor
Will Walker
Freshman Board Advisor

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