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Student Leaders and Advisors:

G Book Tradition 6 - Student OrgIndependent of the Student Government Association, the Center For Student Organizations serves as the primary contact point for all students seeking involvement opportunities in student organizations at the University of Georgia. The Center for Student Organizations registers more than 650 student organizations annually

In order to be considered active for the 2013- 2014 academic year, organizations that were registered for 2012-2013 must send a representative from their organization to a Mandatory Information Session (dates & times listed below, as well as on the CSO website). The information sessions will cover necessary policy updates, how to update organization information, and the new registration system planned for the spring semester.  If you are interested in starting a brand new student organization, please contact the Center for Student Organizations:

For additional information about starting a student organization, please visit the Center for Student Organizations (CSO) website.


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