UGA Student Government Association

The organized voice for every student at the University of Georgia.

Legislative Branch

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is made up of the elected Senate and the Freshman Board. It has the ability to pass resolutions, bills, and amendments which are to directly benefit the welfare of students in the university.

The Senate is presided over by the Vice President. The Senators are elected from different schools and colleges on campus and once elected work to represent his or her school in the Senate. Senators are also appointed to represent various areas of student life including: Residence Life, South Campus, Athletics and Recreation, Service, Political Organizations, Religious Organizations, the Arts, Greek Life, and Multicultural Organizations. For more information about Senate or to inquire about open Senate seats, please contact our Pro-Tempore  Taylor Lamb (

The Freshman Board is composed of freshmen who represent the concerns and needs of the freshman class to the Senate. It is given five votes in the Senate to represent the freshman class. The Freshmen Board is selected by a committee and approved by the senate.

Senators additionally serve on one of seven committees: Student Services, Academics, Sustainability, Diversity Engagement, Internal Evaluation, Rules, and Small Clubs Allocations.

Senators broken down by schools. * denotes University Council

Meet Your Senator

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Connor Steven Siegel
Taylor Lamb
Alex Caille
Virginia Lane Walker
Shontel Stewart
Clay Byron Shelley
Bryant Dearius Garrett
Davidson Goldsmith
Derek Desmond Coger
Jessica Blaeser
Tim Heigl
Melissa McDonald
Patrick Worsham
Philip Gregory Sullivan
Rohit Mukhi
Shawn Balcomb

College of Agricultural and Enviornmental Sciences

Robert Griffith
Sinclair Buntin

Terry College of Business

Andrew Roberts
Jonelle Simpson
Alex Jordan

Odum School of Ecology


College of Education

Shelby Zeigler
Annelise Wornat
Catherine Leigh Borkowski
Elias Addison Walker

College of Engineering

Louise Ashley

College of Environment and Design


College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Tyler Baker

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

Scott Hendrickson

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication

Hadley Dreibelbis

Graduate School

Brett Weber
Lacey Kincheloe
Jordan Erickson

School of Law

Erin Deitrich

School of Pharmacy

Harrison Jozefczyk

School of Public Health

Abbey Meller

School of Public and International Affairs

Jon Goodfriend
Helen Elizabeth Harrell

School of Social Work

Megan Gallagher

College of Veterinary Medicine


Student Life Senators

Greek Life (IFC)
Daniel Grantham
Greek Life (PanHellenic)
Hilary Hilgers
Greek Life (NPHC or MGC)
South Campus
Alexandria Ross
Political Organizations
Nathan Williams
Drew Jacoby
Adam Corwin
Religious Organizations
Kathleen Wilson
Multicultural Organizations
Robert Boggs
Multicultural Organizations
Taylor Stubblefield
Multicultural Organizations
Caambridge Horton
Service Organizations
Sarah Hughes
Travis Fetchko
Travis Fetchko
Amber Painter

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